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Gnana Guru Saaktha Sri Sivalingeeswara Swamigal is the one, who created Kaamachipuri Adeenam. From his younger days, he is a hard believer of the Godess Sri Annai Parasakthi. At his house, he took two stones, used to grind mirchi, as Lord Siva. He built a small hut, which he considered as the temple for the Lord Siva. He gathered all the youngsters, around that village, and performed all the pujaas, for the Lord. At that time, he was 8 years old. On seeing this attitude, his parents buried the statue of the Lord, under the ground, and also sent all the pujaa materials to another near by temple. They gave all sorts of trouble to Gnana Guru, in order to stop him from performing pujaas, to the God, but insisted him to go to school.

But Swamigal installed the statue of Lord Siva, at the foot of a snake living place, located at the side of the river Noyyal, at the village Kaamaachipuri,. And started worshipping the God, One day, God appeared in his dream, , spotted a place, under the river Noyyal, and said that a statue of Godess Amman is in that place.

Next day morning , Swamigal went to the same place ,spotted by the God and found Godess Amman statue. Nearly 10 years, the troubles, and strong protests, Swamigal , experienced, has become the reality. There after, the nearby village people started believing Swami's words, and started worshipping the Godess Amman. Swamigal cured many diseases of the people, with the help of salt and turmarine(manjal).